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July 16, 2011

Assalamualaikum ^^

walaupon hari da lewat malam,sempat lagi aku menjoinkan diri untuk simple GiveAway from AnisUmbrella.menang ke tak lain citer.yang penting join dengan suka hati :)

klik SINI untuk join...


1. First of all , do LIKE my AnisUmbrella Boutique Facebook page
2. Make a simple entry about this GiveAway and dont forget to put on the banner in your entry (which provided up there) .
3. Do follow me , but this is not necessary , just to make you easier with this giveaway updates .
4. Do tag at least 2 of your friends and make sure that they aware with your tag.
5. DONE ! and leave your link HERE !

This giveaway open from today, 18 of June till 18 of July 2011


1 X LACE SHAWL from AnisUmbrella ( RM 30 )

2 X FLOWERY VINTAGE NECKLACE from AnisUmbrella ( RM 15 )

2 bloggers yang bertuah ditag :

(1) soly solicious

(2) munnafendy

p/s: segala skirt,blouse,shawl,necklace,tops,vest,dress & accessories yang dijual kat AnisUmbrella blogshop neh memang meletops,cun habiss ^_^

"harap2 bertuah.korang doakan yer^^"

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  1. thanks tag ye...adiah pun best..nak join!

  2. dear lalinks comell
    tQ yah for joining hehe ,
    gud luck ~

  3. @Munna : wlcome^^ cepat2 join sbelom trlambat :)

  4. @Anis izyan Abd Rahman : wlcome dear^^ btw,tenksss coz buat GA neh :)


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